It was in October 1957 in the Brooklin neighborhood that, under the care of an Italian family,
Pizzeria A Esperança was born with that typical identity of one of the most appreciated foods
in São Paulo, pizza.
After a short time, the Italian family decided to settle in the Bixiga region, and passed the
business and all their culinary knowledge to the German family Oblonczyk, who came from the
interior of São Paulo to manage the pizzeria.
In 2000, the matrix unit underwent what is now called a face lift. Moved to the property next
door, underwent a modernization, without giving up the characteristic elements of the
decoration of the decade.
Icons such as the tiles, the rustic floor and its magnificent balcony were kept there. It was
important to continue the same traditional and familiar environment scenario, which was built
with many memories and history of many families who frequent the place until today.
The growing market demand and its diverse needs around 1995, led the business to be
expanded to other regions of São Paulo in the delivery format, a success that prospered with
the opening of 8 more units, making the A Esperança brand every time best known and most
Today, considered one of the largest pizzeria chains in the country, A Esperança has a total of
more than 1,000,000 registered customers, with an average of 5,000 customers served weekly,
and regional coverage established in the regions of Morumbi, Itaim, Brooklin, Alphaville , Vila
Madalena, Vila Mariana and Health.
The construction of a brand of tradition and quality that is so consolidated today, certainly
resulted in countless sacrifices and setbacks, surpassed by the objective of taking to all
families, not only well created and executed products, but also moments of pleasure and