It is necessary to explain about some advantages of AC motor speed control:

– This motor is cheaper than a direct current motor, its cost of purchase and / or financial value in stock, very low;

 – The rewinding of an alternating current motor has no negative function after the lower rewinding as that of the DC motor;

– The efficiency of the AC motor is higher than that of the DC motor, ensuring a decrease in power consumption and lower motor heating;

– More commercial availability of AC motor than DC motor baldor l1410t , being the purchase easier and faster;

– Reduction in maintenance costs up to 200%, as the AC motor has fewer parts in its manufacture;

– Drive at selected speeds preventing inappropriate operation due to human failure and PID system for variable control of a process or machine;

– More workshops are able to rewind alternating current motors, which allows the offer of services with reduced cost, due to commercial competitiveness;

– The AC motor is usually smaller in size than the DC motor;

– The drive is more easily programmed, allowing faster commissioning.