But I still had to pay 75% for inedible food. Trust your intuition! If there’s meat on the
menu but the chef refuses to serve it rare, I cancel the order, pay for the drinks, and go
elsewhere to eat. Not because I’m a super fan of rare meat. But if the chef can’t work
with the ingredient and he’s afraid that the undercooked meat could be dangerous to
his health, then I have nothing to do there. A lot of people in my family think it’s nice to
get an extra onion ring when you order a helping of French fries or order a penne
noodle and with it come a lost rigatoni. That to me means the kitchen is super dirty and
disorganized, and that stale food must be strewn all over the place. This is not good.
Maybe I may sound silly, but when I go to a restaurant, the bread basket (if they serve
one) is a great indicator of things to come. Which shows me if the restaurant really is
doing the minimum, or if they’re going to serve frozen chunks of butter to go with the
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