We prepared these tips for you to get a great result and finish on your ceiling and wall
painting, using different colors.
Write down some tips that will enhance the quality of the painting service:
Start with the wall, the edges and with a soft bristle brush;
Do not soak the paint roller or brush;
Choose a single direction to paint with the roller and brush;
On the second coat, apply a coverage of 15 to 20 centimeters with the wool roller;
Before removing the masking tape from the seam between ceiling and wall, make sure the
paint is completely dry.
After that, use the brush and make the final finishing touches.
Want to understand better about this subject? Check out some tips below.
A modern and up-to-date house combines with a color that is a classic, such as white. A nice
tip is to mix the tones investing in the neutrality of a tone and creating a paradox with another
tone that is anything but neutral.
Contrast is the key to modernizing your home. Thus, painting the rooms inside with different
colors, with similar tones and that dialogue with each other, results in a great result, if you
know how to mix and dose.
An essential tip for color matching is to consider the color wheel. For example, red will
combine with orange, blue with violet, and so on.
Always make this association and painting will always be facilitated, from the choice of colors
and tones, to the final result. House painter weston