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better choice of location, the user can view reviews written by other
users. João Pessoa is the sunny capital of Paraíba, which offers stunning
beaches of unparalleled green and blue. But, in terms of gastronomy, the
city is also not far behind, as the restaurants in João Pessoa are also
Among the biggest reasons to visit “Jampa” – the city’s affectionate
nickname -, trying the local northeastern cuisine is undoubtedly one of
them. Below, we list the 8 best restaurants in João Pessoa.
If you read this
post to the end, I guarantee you will make your mouth water! The Boteco
da Villa is amazing, it looks like the backyard of Grandma’s farm. It has
many trees, a playground and a super pleasant environment.
The restaurant is located on a large plot of land, located in Portal do Sol, a
high part of the city, with plenty of space for children to play and spend
energy until the food arrives.