In this text, check out two Italian restaurants with culinary highlights.
Don Carlini Restaurant
Despite being known as one of the most Italian neighborhoods in the city, Mooca does not
have as many options for canteens as well. But among the ones it owns, Carlini stands out for
its pasta served al dente. Highlights include pasta such as cappelleti quattro formaggi, meat
filled with four cheese sauce and gratin with parmesan, and the stylish, marinated and roasted
kid, served with sweet onions, potatoes, white rice and mint sauce.
For dessert, go for the
irresistible Tiramisù.
Don Carlini Restaurant
Address: Rua Dona Ana Néri, 265 – Mooca
Phone: (11) 2337-6793
C … Who knows!
Also opened by a family of immigrants in 1931, C … Que Sabe! it is very popular with
celebrities and customers with a passion for pasta and roasted goat leg. The menu is full of
options, which includes risottos, simple and stuffed pasta, meat, fish, desserts and much more.
C … Who knows!
Address: R. Rui Barbosa, 192 – Bela Vista
Phone: (11) 3251-4597